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See all hear all say nowt

See all, hear all, say nowt! Take the picture! 

This is me.  Don't let the surname put you off, I very rarely live up to it, although my husband might say otherwise!

I'm often asked about which type of photography I prefer.  Generally, it's any genre  because I like to dabble and keep my creative juices bubbling.  Mostly though, I'm a portrait photographer.  Photographing people is a huge buzz, especially when they're doing something they enjoy or they're just having fun and laughing together.  That's when everyone is truly themselves, but I enjoy quirky too; experimenting and having fun with my photography.  I love it when people come to their photography session with their own ideas too.  It's a team effort and I work hard to help them achieve the imagery that they want.


So, from one to one portrait sessions, couples, family portraits, stylised, lifestyle and environmental portraits, or hobby/activity portraits, I'd be happy to work with you.  If you have your own ideas and think that I can help you turn them into images, please get in touch.


I have an easy going, relaxed approach.  Even in today's world where selfies are common place not everyone likes standing in front of a camera to have their photograph taken.  I appreciate that it can be daunting experience.  I generally feel the same, so I always have that in the back of my mind when I have someone in front of my camera.  Each of us are different, and some may take time to warm up a little and get used to the feeling of having all of the attention on them.  It's a perfectly natural feeling and I consider myself very fortunate to have not met anyone who hasn't enjoyed their photography session.  If they're enjoying it, I'm enjoying it too.  I want everyone to be very happy with their images and it's much easier to achieve that when they're feeling relaxed and enjoying the experience.  Having a photograph taken by a professional photographer can be a fun experience.

If you like what you see here and would like me to work with you to create some great images, please get in touch.  I very much look forward to hearing from you.


Still interested?  More about my background and how the photographer me came to be can be read here

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